Oregon’s Budget System and the Effects on Policy

by Maria-Veronica Gelever

“The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations” -Jacob Lew1. The budget is a foundational part of any type of government system, ranging from city government agencies, state governments, to the federal government. The budget dictates the direction that the government will govern, and because of this, it plays one of the most critical roles in the government system. From the budget, stems actions, and without funds, this action cannot be taken. It also brings unlikely groups together, like interest groups and political parties. The budget is the most important piece of legislation that is passed, and dictates the rest of the bills that are passed that session. Read More »

Analysis of the Oregon State Budget

by Colin Peddicord

No item of policymaking has more interests to satisfy that the budget. The finite amount of money must fund a myriad of services, programs and structures needed to keep a state running. Every budget has countless interest and advocacy groups, unions, companies and public desires that it must try and satisfy. These competing policy actors play a role in the shaping and creation of a state’s budget. Because there is a limited amount of money, it is not possible to satisfy all of the demands that lawmakers face when creating the state budget.Read More »